Gait Mat Testing and Foot Pressures

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This fun, interactive testing session involves walking or running on a gait mat to determine simple gait measures and foot pressures using the latest technology in portable gait assessment, the "GaitRite"® mat. This test can be used to find your walking or running stride patterns, high pressure areas of the foot the and center of mass as you move. It is important to analyze gait for individuals interested in improving their mechanics to reduce injury and determine the effect of exercise training or weight loss on their walking or running motion. Depending on the participant needs, tests can be conducted barefoot or with different shoes, canes, walkers or other assistive devices. A full report of your personal testing session will be provided.

Cost of Analysis: $75
Depending on the test, this session will last 45 min-1 hr.

  • We can add high speed filming to this assessment to help you answer your questions at no extra cost.

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