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Runner's Legs

The UF Health SPC hosts one of the few nationally-recognized laboratories for running science and return-to-run after injury. We have developed one of the most extensive running analysis programs, reports and methods to help runners achieve safe and sustainable running form for endurance and short running distances. Our services and our team members have been featured in Runner’s World and Running Times. Our faculty have contributed to The Big Book of Running and Running Medicine, 2nd ed. We have developed brochures for the American College of Sports Medicine to help runners select running shoes. We work with the spectrum of athletes from novice to elite, sponsored runners.


Big Book of Running coverRunning Medicine coverACSM Selecting a Running ShoeWhat we can tell you:

  • Foot striking pattern and ground reaction forces
  • Gait asymmetries
  • Joint motion from 3 planes to identify musculoskeletal deficits for injury prevention and injury healing
  • Clinical interpretations and recommendations for reducing injury or repairing current injury will be provided

Our Testing:

  • Brief functional screen and physical history; Running on a force-plated treadmill, 3D motion capture; Live time video for retraining if requested; shoe evaluation, review of appropriate exercise and program modification; PT referral if needed
  • High speed video will be filmed during running from several views. A complete report of joint kinematics and body segment rotations and rotational speeds will be generated.
  • From our extensive databank of >1000 runners, your data will be compared to other runners of similar age, sex and foot strike type
  • A full report, consult and a flash drive with video copies of your running motions will be provided.

Sample motion analysis models are shown below:

Image Image Image

Want to schedule this test?

Please call us at (352) 273-7371 or email us

Our hours generally are:

  • Monday - Friday
  • 8am - 5pm

Please inquire about special time requests.

Our laboratory team has published several recent papers - be sure to read more about them in the handouts section below!