Throwing or Pitching Analysis

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Great skill and safe motion is required to be a successful pitcher or quarterback. We are able to analyze throwing motions for both quarterbacks and pitchers to provide a starting point from which you can improve. The results are used to enhance overall muscular fitness, reduce the possibility of baseball or football related throwing injuries and improve game performance.

Baseball Pitching AnalysisFootball Throwing Analysis

Your results are compared to those of professional ball players. One of our Biomedical Engineers will spend time with you to explain the reports in terms you can understand to help optimize your throwing motion and reduce chronic injury risk.

We determine:

  • Full kinematics of your lower and upper body during a throw
  • Timing of peak rotations in the throwing sequence
  • Joint and body segment position at each phase of a pitch or throw\

Recovering from a throwing injury? Our physician specialist in baseball mechanics and injury prevention can attend your appointment to provide medical expertise and safety advice. The team’s scientific research is pushing our understanding of safe play and protecting younger players from upper extremity injury. Read more from our latest research below:

For quarterbacks, we also perform a reaction time test to determine how quickly you can react and release the ball! Call today to find out more.

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