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3D Gait Analysis

Three-dimensional (3D) gait analysis has revolutionized our understanding of human movement by offering insight into biomechanics, rehabilitation, and sports performance. Our technology allows us to assess locomotion abnormalities and provide feedback to enhance overall muscular fitness, reduce the possibility of injury, and improve performance. Whether walking or running, our gait analysis provides precise reports detailing joint motions, ground reaction forces, and muscle activation.

How do we measure

  • Small retroreflective markers are placed on anatomical landmarks and tracked by our infrared cameras to build a 3D computer model
  • Our instrumented treadmill contains two force plates that provide real-time force and moment data
  • Subjects can walk or run at self-selected speeds and inclines

What do we provide

  • A generated report of joint kinematics and kinetics comparing participants to healthy men and women of similar ages
  • Clinical interpretations and recommendations for reducing injury or rehabilitating a current injury 
  • A flash drive containing high-speed videos in all three planes of motion, a 3D skeleton model, the generated report, and academic papers

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