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3D Golf Swing Analysis

The world of golf has been enhanced with the integration of three-dimensional (3D) motion analysis technology. 3D analysis of a golf swing involves sophisticated motion capture systems that meticulously records a golfer's movements. By placing markers on key body points, this technology captures intricate details of the swing, including club path, clubface angle, body rotation, and weight transfer. The basis of 3D golf swing analysis includes the ability to dissect golf swing mechanics. Insights into takeaway, backswing, downswing, impact position, and follow-through contribute to optimizing swing power, accuracy, and consistency. 3D analysis enables golfers to scrutinize their swing sequence and timing to ensure movements flow smoothly and efficiently. This synchrony contributes to consistent and repeatable swings. This information can provide insight in identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement in swing mechanics. Golfers can delve into club path and face angle relationships to allow for a deeper understanding of ball flight dynamics and shot shape control. Adjustments based on 3D analysis can enhance shot accuracy and predictability. By linking 3D swing data with ball-flight data, golfers and coaches can gain comprehensive insights into how swing mechanics translate to shot outcomes. This knowledge assists in fine-tuning adjustments for desired ball flight characteristics.



3D Golf Swing Analysis

Analyzing swing biomechanics using 3D technology can help detect movement patterns that may contribute to injuries. Results of these analyses can allow golfers to modify their mechanics to reduce strain on areas more prone to injury. Assessing 3D analysis over time can allow golfers to track their skill development. This data-driven approach can ensure training is addressing areas in which improvement is required, fostering continuous growth.  Coaches leverage 3D analysis to provide visual feedback that allows golfers to see their swings from multiple angles. This visual aid enhances understanding of swing mechanics and accelerates skill refinement. Additionally, golf swing analysis can assist in correcting swing mechanics for those returning to play following an injury.



The integration of 3D analysis for golf swing mechanics is a game-changer enabling golfers, coaches, and members of the sports medicine team to delve deeper into the intricacies of the swing. By unveiling the nuances of swing mechanics, this technology empowers golfers to enhance their performance and/or return to the sport following an injury. As sport analysis continues to evolve, 3D golf swing analysis remains pivotal to foster innovation and excellence on the fairways.

Who can be tested?

Any individual of any skill level who is looking to improve their game from tee-box to green. From professional athletes all the way down to the weekend golfer, our 3D motion analysis system within the UFSPC can assist golfers of all levels to take their game to the next level, or fine tune their craft. Providing visual feedback is a great way for athletes to learn from and correct their deficits.

What is done during the golf swing assessment?

Retroreflective markers are placed at specific locations on your body to help track your movements during the 3d golf swing analysis. The data is collected from these markers by near-infrared cameras and then computed into a 3D rendering of your body. Using principles in classical mechanics with the aid of modern computers, we can assess human motion activity using mathematical models of the musculoskeletal system related to your unique golf swing.




What is provided to you?

During your golf swing assessment, we will measure/calculate

  • ball speed
  • rotational velocities
  • club speed
  • etc.
  • thoracic mobility
  • hip and trunk rotation
  • X-factor
  • backswing path
Kinematic sequence for the:
  • lower body
  • pelvis
  • trunk
  • shoulders
  • arms
Form during different key phases
  • 25% of the backswing
  • 50% of the backswing
  • the top of the backswing (100%)
  • downswing
  • follow through

We provide a complete report tailored to your specific joint kinematics and body segments throughout the entirety of your swing. We will provide detailed feedback regarding your body rotation, power, flexibility, timing, and form during key phases of all aspects of your golf game, including driver and irons. We will provide high-speed videos filmed during your swings.

All your data will be compared to the likes of professional and Division I athletes with ideal forms. We can then translate your specific data values into definable outcomes that make sense to the user and can be implemented to improve performance while also decreasing the likelihood for injury risk overtime. Finally, we can provide clinical interpretations and recommendations from our experienced team which could be utilized for assisting injury reduction or throughout your current injury rehabilitation.

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