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3D Tennis Forehand Analysis

What is provided to you?

During your tennis forehand swing assessment, we will measure/calculate

  • Power: rotational velocities, hand and racquet linear velocities. 
  • Flexibility: thoracic mobility, hip and trunk rotation, X-factor, and knee range of motion.
  • Timing: kinematic sequence for the lower body, pelvis, trunk, shoulders, forearm and racquet.
  • Form during different key phases – peak of racquet lift, acceleration, ball contact, and follow through.



We provide a complete report tailored to your specific joint kinematics and body segments throughout the entirety of your swing. We will provide detailed feedback regarding your body rotation, power, flexibility, timing, and form during key phases of all aspects of your tennis forehand swing. We will provide high-speed videos filmed during your swings.



All your data will be compared to the likes of professional and Division I athletes with ideal forms. We can then translate your specific data values into definable outcomes that make sense to the user and can be implemented to improve performance while also decreasing the likelihood for injury risk overtime. Finally, we can provide clinical interpretations and recommendations from our experienced team which could be utilized for assisting injury reduction or throughout your current injury rehabilitation.



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